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UGH66 Hosted by The R.O.C. Cassette

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Image of UGH66 Hosted by The R.O.C. Cassette

Hulk Green Cassette
Limited Quantities

1. The R.O.C. - Intro
2. Amnesia (301 King) (feat. Intrinzik, The R.O.C. & Monoxide) - Hate Amongst Men
3. DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo (feat. One Point Rizz, The R.O.C. & Intrinzik) - Incredibly Credible
4. The MF'N Dirty (feat. Lex the Hex Master) - Hood is the Anthem
5. Magadino the Chemist (feat. Haze) - Grimey Spidey
6. Krypto Man (feat. Intrinzik) - Animorphic Mutant Beings

1. VXNXM94 (feat. Insane LOC & Intrinzik) - Revenge
2. Hunter Fuse (feat. Intrinzik) - Crucifix
3. Jynx INC (feat. The R.O.C.) - No Remorse
4. Kasper - Today's the Day You Die
5 .M7ofATC - Inside

Produced by: Stir Crazy
Mixed and Mastered by: Intrinzik
Executive Producer: Intrinzik
Illustration: Aaron Lodder
Layout and Design: McNastee