• Image of UGH67 Hosted by Rittz Pre-Order Package

Pre-Order Now and Get the Following with the Pre-Order Package:

-Shout out from RITTZ
-Name in the CD insert
-8 Bit Sticker Set
-Limited 8 Bit Cassette Tape
-Copy of the CD

CD Only Package gets name in CD insert and no other bonus items.

Confirmed Songs:

Illest Uminati (feat. Rittz) - Spit Hot Flame
Dock Hellish - Snow Day Freestyle*
Humble Among - Uncanny Valley
Atom John (feat. Nos Insidious) - Game On*
Humble Lunatic - Fam
Krypto, Ciurleo & Rycoon - Game Over*
Loki, Krypto Man & Intrinzik - Game Noir*
NOONE (feat. Manic) - 8 Bit Beat Down [prod. Erroneous Method]
1NF1N1T8 - Sauce Boss
DieNasty the Mexican Thuggalo (feat. Boondox) - I Want Mine
Buddha LOC (feat. Kole Rawk & DiCE) - We Get High (In the 605)
VXNXM94 (feat. Unkle Slump) - Fat Lady Jane [prod. by Ruler Why]
Muse-Sic - Missed Opportunity
Skeptik (feat. Baby Eazy-E, Young Dirty Bastard & Intrinzik) - Rise Up*
Lazy Ass Destroyer*
Rittz, Genghis Ganj, Kovax & Intrnzik - *
DVNNY DOOZY - Follow the $equence
DoeNut (feat. Insane LOC & Intrinzik)*
Down South Devilz Rejectz (feat. T.J. Freeq) - Devil's Tavern*
8 Bit Cypher*
PraiseOne - Where Is The Money?! [prod. by Deverano & Don OD]
PraiseOne (feat. King Jawn) - Demons on My Shoulder [prod. by Relevant Beats]
Tied to the Wall - Cult Leader
A Rod (feat. Aleista RA) - 101
Machine (feat. Aleista RA) - Salute
Aleista RA - My Own Universe
DJ Rozz (feat. Aleista RA)- 222
DVNNY DOOZY - Follow the $equence
Kurrupted FaZes - Ain't No Party Without Us
Intrinzik (feat. McNastee) - Value Life
Aleista RA - Possessed (I Am the Angel)
A Rod (feat. Aleista RA) - Satanik Bombastic Weed (Fuma)
Gibby Stites - The Opposite
M7ofATC - Big Bad Boss

This is an early pre-order and there is no scheduled release date.

Names in Insert:
Aaron Loth
Adam Jones
Alex Wallace
Anthony Scott
Bill Cannon
DJ Mad Hatter
Frank McKinney
Jason Babb
Jonas Dieter
Lorcan O'Brien
Lucas Loth
Robert Bayhi
Ron Manns
Ron Singer
Trev Moeller
Wade Sellers