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UGH68 Hosted by Young Wicked


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Get a Young Wicked GPK Card and a UGH Circle Sticker with this early pre-order! IT IS TOO LATE TO GET IN THE CYPHER VIDEO CREDITS AND ALBUM INSERT!

Track List:

1. DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo (feat. Young Wicked, Intrinzik & Toledo's Highest Criminal) - The Funk*$
2. Wicked SkullKid (feat. Young Wicked & Intrinzik) - Stereo Assassins*$
3. DoC NoT (feat. Young Wicked) [prod. Monoxide] - Born for Greatness$
4. Skeptik (feat. Lil Infamous, Baby Eazy-E & Boondox) - Die*$
5. Young Wicked (feat. S'gheti J the AabominatioN, Krypto Man, Big Homie Wes, Black Magic, Fame The H.O.F., Jonathon Hellhouse, Trouble Maker & MC HoloRhyme) - The Young and the Wicked Cypher *$
6. JynxINC (feat. Hoarsehed & Big Homie Wes) - GPKs*$
7. Beek the Geek - Black Majik*$
8. IR8 (feat. Kung Fu Vampire & Skribbal) - The Devil's Carnival
9. Gibby Stites - Sativa Flow [prod. by Young Wicked]
10. Amnesia (301 King) (feat. Young Wicked) - Slither
11. Pagan (feat. Intrinzik & Gu2ta Nice) - Underground Evolution
12. Intrinzik (feat. Big B & Jason Porter) - In the Middle
13. Intrinzik (feat. Jason Cruz of Strung Out) - Live Fast Die Young
14. Georgie aka Snoop (feat. Crook C & Aleista RA) - Guess Who's Back?
15. Aleista Ra - Keep the Music Playing
16. Awakened Society - Puppet Universe
17. Oh! The Horror - Boom!
18. The H.O.F. - Dark Past
19. Kurrupted FaZes - They Walk Among Us
20. Black Magic - Darkness [prod. by Mileex]
21. Katy Kaboom - My Trunk$
22. MC HoloRhyme (feat. Simmi The Profit) - Walking Corpses
23. Mar1nara Sauce [of Kurrupted FaZes] - Sauced Up
Bonus Track
24. Bonez Dubb & DJ Mad Hatter - Zoned Pt. 2

*produced by Stir Crazy
$mixed and masterd by Intirnzik

Names in Insert:
Adam Jones
Ben Goulet
Bill Cannon
Brad Saunders
Chip Bannan
Cody Dopp
Dennis Sperath
DJ Mad Hatter
Drew "mcnasty" McHam
Dov Kelemer
Frank Mckinney
Insane LOC
Ivan Orton
Jack Lyon
James Gilbert
Jamie Mathewson
Jamison Hadfield
Jason Babb
Joe "Joe B " Myers
Jonas Dieter
Joseph Cheatham Derrick II
Joshua Davis
Larry Boyles
Larry Metzger
Leeza Gallegos
Matt Bognar
Michael Bunting
Mr. PaPerView
Nathan Farquer
Paul Silva
R.E. Bayhi
Roy McWhorter
Scott Mathewson
Shawn Joyce
Skylar Gale
Stephen Sodergren
Tony Rodriguez
Wayne Berry
William C. Piatek